Monday, June 2, 2008

Fresh and Alive

Ahhh been a while since I posted...

Well anyways, after a long week of staying up like a crazy monkey working on projects...most of my summatives or final assignments are finished! YES!!!

Aside from that, there were some interesting things that happened...

Well one, I accepted the offer to go to York for Digital Media. I chose this path because...well I rlly enjoy doing different media like animation, sound, video, graphics...and at the same time through this medium aka the media I listed, I can spread the awareness of many things like environmental awareness, which I'm really into at the moment.

Then there was an event called Relay 4 Life at my school. It was held on Friday, and yes it was raining during parts of it, which really sucked but the point of the whole event was to walk till you drop type of motto. Since those who had cancer definitely felt the same or more of like felt even worse than what I had to suffer through just "walking" for 12 hours or so. Well not really, since we had to take breaks or else my leg would just break off haha.

However, it wasn't during the event of walking, more of which during the time when everyone else was tired I realized something. Those who are suffering or those who have family members or friends who are suffering still attend this event to walk or even run for them. The sadness in their eyes totally killed me, it was just so hurtful since I've never really experienced such a thing before. Even though I know that someday it will happen to my grandma, dad or mom, anything is possible.

The way one of my friend took the event was so serious but in a way it wasn't. She of course had fun just taking pictures, walking, running, catching football while walking, etc. However, during this hardcore rain that fell down in the evening...she kept going. She didn't stop, she was so eager to keep walking, that when she came back she like a sponge, soaked with water. I mean even without staring in her eyes, knowing that sorrow is within her heart...just her whole image shows it. Yet, as a friend...a stupid one I'd say...I couldn't really do much, well I could've but I thought I didn't have the right to do so.

Until, at about 12 am almost...she was still outside I thought...So I went out to see if she was there. It was dark, so I couldn't see very well...I kept waiting though, just to make sure. In the end, she actually was still walking but I told her and her friend that we had to get in cause of the lightning so for safety reasons we went in. Just at that moment, I was not my feelings for a girl, it was more of a friendship.

It's been FOREVER since I really felt this way because I always thought that caring for a girl is something very intimate I guess in a way. I was WRONG, very could say that it's been almost like 2-3 years that I've had this feeling. The acknowledgment of the unhappy settle hit me in the face, THAT was when I started to just pray to God so intensely for the people around me. It felt so good to just share what I've experienced to Him. It was similar to like a talk show, where he would interview me and I'd just answer his questions. That was what I felt, yes may sound weird but it was real. I'm glad that this experience opened me up so much more to not just to God but to even people around me.

Today, I called my friend out to check the mall for something I needed and to also get a drink to talk for a few. It was pretty interesting, he explained to me about the problems our friends had, or that he had. Though I knew I couldn't do much, I listened attentively and I talked about what I was doing for Sunday since I usually would be at church. He told me that it was weird but interesting to see, then we got into this huge discussion about religion and environment, quite a talk.

Before I end this post, I think lately my action on 2 Timothy, 2-22 is definitely in place. Also, the title of the post "fresh and alive" might not really relate to what I've posted so far but if you think about it, everything that just happened...was just so amazing it's like yeah kinda like "speechless" haha...hmm I don't know I can't explain very well but hopefully whoever's reading get what I mean ;)

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