Monday, June 9, 2008


Tired, fatigue, just yeah...

For the last week it's been quite the stressfulness.
You might ask...what? Well basically there's:

- Second last week of school
- Prom
- University prep (OSAP and course selections)
- Mosquitoes
- 25th anniversary for my parents

I know, those might seem very little but the impact on me was just nuts.
I mean second last week of school and I just received some other assignments which is due on the last week of WOW.

Prom was hmmm okay? Not the best, nor was it super sad but for sure I felt some sorrow tingling inside of me since well something that was so obvious and straight forward happened right in my face. I mean that shock made me speechless and crappy inside so it was a pretty bad night haha.

University prep isn't till a bit but I still do have to worry a bit...but oh man the mosquito bites from prom annihilated me. They were so face had a big lump, my arm was super swollen, and my legs were like gross. And even at this moment, they're still itchy...

Then what's worse was that the 2 Timothy 2-22, I failed to keep it. I have failed many times but this one time it was the worse time. Why you may ask, well let's just say that I was working so hard on this that I felt so true about myself. So TRUE that I was probably overconfident and BAM when I got struck I was down to the bottom. Maybe it was everything that happened this week/weekend that killed me. However, whatever it is exactly, I know I can't just use it as an excuse. I need to continue to attempt to break free of this chain, continue to thank God for all he has given and done to me, and to continue praying for support and others.

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