Friday, August 22, 2008

reFOCUS it's been a while since I posted anything.
Lots of things been happening. Lots of the things I know are either useless or somehow it will hit me in life later on that it would kinda make me realize.

Anyways, heard a lot of rumours from my older community. Btw they're not good at all...well not all at least. To me it's kinda obvious and I can't do much OR my heart will just ache as the outcome, present or even the future becomes visible its just so overwhelming it can hurt a lot. I suggest we pray for my old community for more of it's openness and of course "unity". Though, I know that it's called a "mega" community in which they will do their best to keep everyone within the building and not rlly "spreading" (maybe it my terms I guess or to what my knowledge reaches), why would they use such jerk movements just to keep the people. ESPECIALLY when these people are trying to reach out and not just stay within an enclosed institution? I have to pray more about it...

Aside from that, life is quite random. Spontaneous you could also say (same thing rlly)...but like wow everything is just shifting in reversed motion. Not even a joke! In a way it's very...very scary but it's probably a test or a call for me. I feel it. No not within my mind or heart. It's the spirit, the soul, the core.

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